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Collection for the ‘Friendship SMS’

Some sweet moments

Life taught me many things,
Some sweet moments some bitter ones,
Some I remember some I forgot,
But what remained...

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Dosti bina zindagi viran hoti hai

Dosti bina zindagi viran hoti hai,
Akele har raah sunsaan hoti hai,
Sacche dost ka hona hai zaruri,
Kyunki dost...

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Ek phool bhi aksar baag saja deta hai

Ek phool bhi aksar baag saja deta hai, ek hi sitara sansar chamka deta hai. Jahan duniya bhar k rishte bhi kaam...

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Dosti Wo Nahi Hoti Jo

Dosti Wo Nahi Hoti Jo "JAAN" Deti Hy Dosti Wo Nahi Hoti Jo "MUSKAAN" Deti Hy Asli Dosti Tou Wo Hoti Hy Jo Paani Main Gira "AANSUU"...

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Sotay howay jagain ge hum

Sotay howay jagain ge hum, Aap ki neend churain ge hum, Be waqt sms kar k satain ge hum, Aap ko aay ga...

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Friend is a book

Friend is a book with only one copy published.
You are one of the best books ever written.
A master-piece...

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B.F-BestFriend C.F-CloseFriend D.F-DarlingFriend J.F-JanuFriend L.F-LovelyFriend N.F-NaughtyFriend S.F-SweetFriend HÜM Äåp ke konse friend...

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If you get Diamond

Old Friends are Gold,
New Friends are Diamond,
If you get Diamond,
Don’t forget the Gold,
B’coz Gold only hold...

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Friends forever

The times we shared is like shooting star
The time is short but really beautiful moments
Forever engraved in...

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Phoolon mein gulab achhaa lagta hai

Phoolon mein gulab achhaa lagta hai,
Sapno mein khwab achhaa lagta hai,
Aap hamein sms bhejte rahe,
Hame aapka yeh...

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Hazir hain jaan hamari

Zindgi nahi humain doston se pyaari,
Doston pe hazir hain jaan hamari,
Aankhon main hamari aansoo haito kya,
Jaan se...

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My hands may not come…

Lovely quote by a true friend .. "wen i die , dnt come near my body .. cuz my hands may not...

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Without friends

Without humor, life sux.
Without courage, life is hard.
Without love, life is hope
Without friends like...

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Love is a Small coin

Love is a Small coin Life is a Big coin Lover is a Sweet coin But FRIENDSHIP is GOLD...

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No word is as beautiful as friend

No word is as beautiful as friend,
No friend is as wonderful as u,
A friend is sweet when...

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Plz try later

Sweet what happened 2 ur mobile?
I was triyng to call u but i got this message:
Welcome to...

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