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Collection for the ‘Miss You SMS’

I hope you’re feeling better

I hope you’re feeling better,
I miss you every day.
I’m always thinking of you,
So this is what I...

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When nights r long

When nights r long & friends r few,
I sit by window & think of U,
A silent tear and...

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Guzre hue kal ki yaad aati hai

Guzre hue kal ki yaad aati hai
Kuch lamho se aankhe bhar aati hai
Woh subha woh shaam nirali...

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If U were flowers

If U were flowers I would not pick U!
I’ll let U grow in the garden & cultivate U with...

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When I miss u

I’ve written on all bricks of wall “I miss u” &
I want one brick to fall on your...

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Each moments is empty,
My nights are lonely.
Come and hold me,
The destiny awaits you.
Turn back and take...

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U r a good runner

U r a good runner ,
Coz U r always running in my mind.
U r good thief ,

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Keep in touch so that…

Frnd’s may “meet”.
Frnd’s may “scatter”.
But if hearts r “loyal”,
Distances nvr “matter”.
Keep in touch so tht...

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Cant replace a single u

There are 6 billion people
around the World. I don’t
know why I’m messaging u ?
Maybe bcoz...

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I heard a voice

I heard a voice whispering ur voice
But when i turned around 2 c who it was.
I noticed...

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U miss me…

A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A Aaaaachheeeee... Shukar AlHamdulilla. U miss me na? O GOD! Na kia karo itna yaad..flu ho jata...

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The amount I miss u

When it will rain next time,
try to catch the drops in ur hands,
the drops u will catch...

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Aapko mere sms mile?

Aapko mere sms mile?

Nahi mile to ye lo

Ye lo chote sms
sms sms sms sms


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Aap se sikhle

Dub kar Roshani Dena
Koi Suraj Se Sikhle.

Dosti Kar Ke Dard Lena
Koi Mujh Se Sikhle.

SMS pa kar “REPLY”...

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I’m in casualty now

I’m in casualty now don’t say i didn’t tell u
After 5 min i will be transfered to ICURead More »

If U miss me just touch your heart

If U miss me just touch your heart,
You will hear me and if you really miss me,
Close your...

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